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Adding Employee Information

Employers are required to provide a list of eligible employees within 30 days of registration and any time a new eligible employee joins the company. This information is needed so that CalSavers can contact the employee about the program, initiating a 30−day opt−out window.

When should this step be completed?

You are required to upload a roster of employees within 30 days of CalSavers company registration. After this, information for new employees should be added within 30 days of their hire date.


Information you will need to complete this step:


Eligible employees must be employed in the state of California, be age 18 or older, and have a valid Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Provide this information for all eligible employees:

  • Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • First & last name
  • Birthdate
  • Physical address
  • Phone, if available
  • E-mail, if available (An email address is the preferred form of communication as it reduces paper expense and eliminates delays associated with ground mail.)

Important: Please review the accuracy of your company employee records before submitting this information to CalSavers to ensure communications are delivered. After this information is successfully submitted, your employee will manage their own contact information when they set up their account.


Adding employee information

You have several options for how to add employee information:

  • Add information manually (recommended for small employee rosters)
  • Upload a file using our formatted template
  • If you rely on a vendor-provided payroll solution to manage employee data, connect them to your account.

Many employers find it easier to use the file upload process than manual entry. Use this template to upload your employee roster

Download Template Employee Roster Template Tips

Payroll solutions

If you rely on a vendor-provided payroll solution to manage emplyee data, there are three ways you can connect them to your account:

  • Provider Integration: Some payroll providers can transmit employee roster and payroll data easily and securely between the vendor’s software and CalSavers through system integration (i.e., API connection). Access the Employer Portal to see what providers are currently integrated.
  • Provider Account Access: Payroll Providers who do not currently offer a system (technical) integration may require log-in access to your CalSavers account
  • Software Integration: Businesses use licensed software to manage their payroll activities. Access the Employer Portal to see what software is currently integrated.

If you use a payroll solution, review the support information before you begin adding employee information.

What comes next?

After your employee information is added:

Your employees will be sent an invitation from CalSavers to set up their account – or opt out if they prefer not to participate. Each employee will have 30 days to customize their account or opt out. Employees who do not take any action will be enrolled automatically using the standard account settings.

During this 30-day period, there are a few tasks you can complete to prepare to send contributions.

If your information Is not added successfully:

Confirm that the information in the employee record is correct. If it is not, correct it and re-send the employee welcome packet.

Frequently asked questions

What are pay schedules?

A pay schedule is a term used to describe how frequently your employees are paid (ex. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). When you add an employee’s information to the program, you will indicate their pay schedule. Employees that are paid at the same time should be included in the same pay schedule. You can name this pay schedule with any name you want.

What are pay schedule groups?

A pay schedule group is an additional (optional) way to group your employees (i.e., like a folder). If you have employees that have different pay dates or locations, you may wish to group those employees in separate pay schedule groups. You can name a pay group with any name you want.

Here is an example:

Los Angeles (Pay schedule group)

Weekly Paid Employees (Pay schedule)

  • Employee #1
  • Employee #2
  • Employee #3
  • Employee #4

Bi-Weekly Employees (Pay schedule)

  • Employee #1
  • Employee #2
  • Employee #3
  • Employee #4
What does it mean that employees are automatically enrolled?

State law establishes CalSavers with what is commonly known as “automatic enrollment”. With automatic enrollment, eligible employees who do not choose to opt out will be enrolled automatically in the program. The feature has become common to retirement plans, with over half using automatic enrollment.

Employees are enrolled with limited employer involvement. When an employer registers for CalSavers, the employer provides basic employee roster information to CalSavers. From beginning to end, this process generally takes about 30 minutes; many employers complete it in under 15 minutes. Employers are encouraged to complete this step when they register, but if they need more time, can do it within 30 days of their registration date.

CalSavers uses this information to contact employees directly to make them aware of the Program and provide them information on how the program works, how to set up their account, and how to opt out if they wish. If an eligible employee takes no action within 30 days, they will be automatically enrolled in the program under the default saving settings. If they wish to make changes to their account setting or opt out of participating in the program, they will be directed to contact CalSavers.

CalSavers has informational flyers, program materials, and sample emails employers may send to their staff to inform them about the program. Use of these materials is optional for employers, however state law requires employers to remain neutral about the program when describing it to their employees. After registration and enrollment, employers are responsible to deduct and remit each saver’s contributions each pay period. Employers are also responsible to add new eligible employees to the program within 30 days of their date of hire or date of eligibility.

After registration and enrollment, employers are responsible to deduct and remit each saver’s contributions each pay period. Employers are also responsible to add new eligible employees to the program within 30 days of their date of hire or date of eligibility.

What if my employee does not want me to disclose information?
Employers facilitating the CalSavers program are required by law to provide information on all eligible employees to the program. The program administrator and recordkeeper is the only entity with access to employee personal data. They have a very strict privacy policy and use the highest level of security to protect personal data.
What if my employee say they do not want to participate?
Employees who do not want to participate can opt-out. The easiest way to opt out is either by calling our automated phone system at (855) 650 – 6918 or through our website. Employees can also choose to download, complete, and mail-in a paper opt-out form. Employers can provide the phone number and opt-out form to their employees if they wish, although employees must contact the program directly and not through their employer.
Are all employees eligible for the program? When do employees become eligible?
All employees of a participating employer are eligible as long as they are at least age eighteen and have the status of an employee under California law. There are no minimum requirements based on hours worked or tenure with their employer.
How do I communicate to our employees about CalSavers?
Employers must remain neutral about their employees’ participation in CalSavers. You will be provided an email template at the time of your registration that you may share with your employees to inform them that CalSavers will reach out to them. Your employees will be contacted directly by the Program with all necessary information. If they have any questions, or wish to make any changes to their account, they should contact the Program directly (Client Services) at, at 855-650-6918 or
What should I do if an employee asks me for information or advice?

Do not provide advice. Simply direct them to the CalSavers website at or have them contact Client Services at 855-650-6918 or for any information.