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Avoid Penalties: Register Today

Deadlines have passed for most employers. It takes just a few minutes to get started. No employer fees, easy to facilitate. Get started today.

Improved navigation

An updated, modern design and clear descriptions makes it easier to complete account transactions.

Better employee information management

Simply add or update employee information using our pre-formatted file templates or connecting to external payroll software.

Improved notifications

Easily identify the changes your employees are making to their account so that you can quickly adjust your payroll activities.


Logging into your account

The launch of the redesigned employer portal is expected to start on May 25 and continue through the beginning of July. When you log in to your account, you’ll notice design changes to some of your activities. Here are some recommended actions you can take:


Employee Information

Add, remove or update your employees information and pay schedules.



Review, update or add any assignments for other people or vendors who support your administrative activities.


Employee Contributions

If you have started submitting employee contributions, review the Contributions dashboard to see if any employees have changed their contribution rate..


File Uploads

If you use file uploads, transition to our new pre-formatted templates

Frequently asked questions

Will my login credentials change?

No. Your login and password will stay the same.

Do I need to update my company’s information?

No. Your company details are pre-filled in based on information we have in our records. You can review and update this information easily through the employer dashboard.

What is an Account Manager?

The Account Manager is the person who is primarily responsible for overseeing the CalSavers employer portal account and facilitating the CalSavers program. The Account Manager is commonly the business owner (employer), but other company roles, such as an Office Manager, HR Manager, or Payroll Manager/Specialist, can be assigned this responsibility. The Account Manager has the highest level of system access and can perform all actions, including assigning administrative support roles to others in the organization

Will any account support roles change?

You may have assigned administrative roles to others in your business. These administrators (formerly “delegates”) will continue to have the same level of access to the account in the new application. You’ll note that the name of each role is changing.

If you currently receive administrative support from others in your organization, review their roles according to this chart.


What are pay schedules? What are pay schedule groups?

A pay schedule is a term used to describe how frequently your employees are paid (ex. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). When you add an employee’s information to the program, you will indicate their pay schedule. Employees that are paid at the same time should be included in the same pay schedule. You can name this pay schedule with any name you want.

A pay schedule group is an additional (optional) way to group your employees (i.e., like a folder). If you have employees that have different pay dates or locations, you may wish to group those employees in separate pay schedule groups. You can name a pay group with any name you want.

Here is an example:

Los Angeles (Pay schedule group)

Weekly Paid Employees (Pay schedule)

  • Employee #1
  • Employee #2
  • Employee #3
  • Employee #4

Bi-Weekly Employees (Pay schedule)

  • Employee #1
  • Employee #2
  • Employee #3
  • Employee #4
Will the upload file templates I currently use be changing?

The same file templates you currently use will still work in the new portal. However, we are making enhancements to these file templates including better formatting. While the old file templates will continue to work in the new portal, we recommend you begin to use the new templates due to improved functionality.

Will I need to change or update my bank information for ACH transfer?

No, you will not need to update or change bank information. If you did not add your bank account previously, add it to simplify how you send contributions to CalSavers.

What do I need to review the first time I enter the new portal?

You will need to:

  • Review account support roles (currently delegate and payroll provider roles) and the people added who help manage your account.
  • Review and name your pay schedules and pay schedule groups.
  • Review your bank information to ensure it is current. If you haven’t added your bank information, add it to simplify how you send contributions to CalSavers.
  • Review your Contributions page to see if any employees have changed their contribution rate.


Where can I find resources and help?

You can access support materials through the to Help Center on the Portal Dashboard or the Employer Resources page. If you still have questions, we encourage you to attend an employer webinar to get an overview of the steps needed to complete certain actions and have your questions answered. If you need help, you can always email Client Services at or call (855) 650 - 6916, 8am-8pm PT, Monday-Friday.